It’s Not Just About Cabbage

Prior to entering St Petersburg at 68 Sackville Street (now closed),  my preconceptions were somewhat skewed as a result of childhood Ladybird tales of Tsar Peter the Great, Christopher Lee in Hammer Studio’s 1966 retelling of the drunken and licentious exploits of Rasputin: The Mad Monk, and strange thoughts of cabbage soup and vodka (I hate vodka).

Somewhat disappointingly there was no appearance from either Tsar Peter or the Monk himself (albeit in form of a namesake dishes, Peter the Grate and Rasputin in Flame), but the leafy green biennial put on a fine show in the form of traditional Russian soup, Schee. Whilst,  maybe not to everyone’s liking, I found the blend of sour-sweet cabbage, mushrooms and vegetables, as delicious as it was wholesome. I did, however, regret not asking for a few slices of whole wheat bread, but then that’s just the Englishman in me. Bread rolls are on the menu and optional.

After the cabbage soup, I went straight to the mains, as time was at a premium sadly. However, I made sure that I had enough time to enjoy the beautifully tender strips of sirloin steak that were bathed in the rich cognac and sour cream sauce of the beef stroganoff. Whilst I’m no sour cream fan, it did not detract from what was a fabulously flavoursome dish.

I thank (Nostrovia) St Petersburg for the great service and somewhat surprisingly delicious food.

All for under £25 including a drink.


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