#Easier Travel – Top 6 Travel Apps 2015

#Easier Travel – Top 6 Travel Apps 2015

There is really only one surefire way to avoid the stress, strain and worry so often associated with travelling, and that is to ensure that you do some proper planning well in advance of your holiday. Fortunately, for us 21st Century travellers there are plenty of digital tools are at our disposal and fingertips.

Along with planning, there are apps for everything, from booking, navigating, exploring, to communicating and documenting, there is seemingly no shortage of applications to ensure your trip goes as smoothly and as stress-free as possible.

Here are our top 6 travel apps

Yelp (Free)

With its growing community of locals, Yelp has so far accumulated a vast 70 million+ reviews on businesses across the world. Yelp enables you to quickly find the best places to eat, drink, shop, relax and enjoy during your trip – no matter where you are on the planet. It also provides establishment details and detailed search filters, making it pretty hard to get lost!

Platform: iOS | Android

Also check out: Tripadvisor  and Foursquare  aside, asking a friend for tips and information is always useful.


Instagram (Free)

This ever popular microblogging platform gets estimated 100m views per month, and it is easy to see why. Not only is it a great way to share your pictures and memories with your friends, this app is a great tool and resource for planning your trip. Instagram is no longer just a cool and trendy iOS app, it is a whole social network where you can find great #innsider pictures of your destination, and often tips on getting around, revealing little-known places to explore.

Platform: iOS | Android

Also check out: Hyperlapse (iOS) and LapseIt for capturing time-lapse video.


Pocket (Free)

You will invariably find great stuff online about your destination which you want to read later, but you just don’t have the time, or you make a mental note to go back to it and then simply forget to. Pocket is the perfect tool for you to save and organise all the cool and interesting content (e.g. article, video or web page), you find from the internet which you want to read later. This is especially useful when you don’t have a WiFi connection (on the flight) or you don’t want to eat into your data roaming allowance.

Platform: iOS | Android

Also check out: Evernote for note taking and archiving.


TripIt (Free)

TripIt organises all your travel plans such as your hotel details, airline plans, car rental confirmation, restaurant bookings etc. It collates them into a simple to follow itinerary that has all your trip details in one place, enabling you to readily and easily track where you planned to be, where you planned to go, and what the plan is for tomorrow.  All you need to do is forward you travel confirmation emails and TripIt magically creates a detailed daily itinerary for every trip, accessible anytime, on any device.

Platform: iOS | Android

Also check out: TripCase for organising your trips.


Google Maps (Free)

Whilst there are many map apps out there, Google Maps is by far the best of the bunch. Pull up addresses with voice-guided GPS navigation commands and you are guided to your location turn-by-turn, with just a simple tap. It also provides real-time traffic information, bike & walking routes, train departures, great places nearby and much more. Oh, and you can save maps so you can use them offline. Basically, there isn’t much it doesn’t do.

Platform: iOS | Android

Also check out: Maps.Me for free downloadable maps.


Skype (Free)

All you need is a Wi-Fi zone and Skype will help you save lots of money on roaming charges and often (very often) extortionately high international call fees while you are on your travels. Skype is a great tool to keep you in touch with your friends and family at good rates when you’re travelling internationally.

Platform: iOS | Android

Also check out: WhatsApp for sending texts, photos, videos and audio files with your contacts.


Which apps would have you included? We’d love to hear from you. Drop us a comment below.

By N Bowles, published on blog.parkinn.com


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