Chips Don’t Need Stars

Just a stone’s throw away from where Manchester United – arguably the most famous football club in world history – founded their second home in 1893 on Bank Street (formally Bank Lane), and ironically where now arch rivals, Manchester City, call home, the unassuming The English Chippy can be found.

More commonly known as Brian’s, this is arguably one the best chip shops in the area, if not Manchester. Situated in an end terrace on Midlothian Street in Clayton, a street that on the whole as seen better days

However, amongst the slow decay of Midlothian Street, Brian’s is a jewel treasured my Claytonians and Mancuanians alike. The chips are fluffy and perfectly cooked. The fish always fresh in light crispy (so easy to get wrong) batter (you have to request it on entering), portions are generous and all at a good competitive price.

Mancunians have never wasted too much time or indeed money on Michelin starred restaurants (“we do things differently in Manchester!”), but when simple food is done well, as it always is at Brian’s, the hallmark of excellence is not a little star, but the throng of repeat customers that keep coming back for more. And they always do come back to Brian’s.

Forget the Le Cordon Bleu, it’s the humble fried potato that trend here. It may be the British staple, but what marks Brian’s out as not just another chippy, is that his dish du jour isn’t just high-quality fish and chips, but his pride in ensuring you get the best possible product and service.

Considering SME’s and micro businesses like The English Chippy make up the vast majority of businesses enterprises in the United Kingdom, everyone should start supporting businesses like Brian’s that serve and connect communities.

The English Chippy, 46 Midlothian St, Manchester M11 4EP, UK.


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